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No Outsorcing - Financial Benefits

Do you have any amount of employees? Even having 1 can become  a stressful burden to a startup considering the amount of money on taxes  and IMSS.

Have you been using the services of a PAGADORA but realize its no longer allowed? 

I have partnered with Manemployee to offer a Solution based on the Constitution that features NO outsourcing, NO simulated operations and therefore NO RISKS for you and your company. It's Copyrighted, we are the only firm who can provide it. It can be applied to any industry and any size payroll, even Non-Profits who have employees. We can also automate your Payroll in such a way that you just enter hours worked into a progrm and everything is done for you automatically.

All we need to do is take a look at your current payroll as of today to make a proposal. You can start saving as soon as the next payday!

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