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Which expats need an RFC? 2022

Updated: May 25, 2022

There is an article going around that claims Expats need to process their RFC.


The law fails to address expats specifically.

As of 1/1/2022, every "resident" in Mexico 🇲🇽 is required to have an RFC when they turn 18, wheather they have economic activity or not.

CFE, telmex, and other services expedite actual FACTURAS when they send their bills. As of the new fiscal reforms, these Facturas are required to contain the RFC.

Service companies like CFE and others soon will send RFC requests massively because they dont know who deducts those services and who doesn't. CFE sent one requesting the rfc by 6/1/2022 in order for their factura to be valid.

There is debate amongst Notarios and CPAs as to wheather these changes apply to expats. Meanwhile more and more establishments will request an RFC: utilities, car dealers, banks, and so on.

BURMEISTER CONSULTING recommends you get one in order to avoid the hassle.

I have seen legal advice forums advising people that CFE cannot require the RFC and that they should get an amparo (legal resource against actions), however getting an amparo and convincing utility providers you're right seems like a lot more hassle than to just get the RFC and move on with other worries in Life. Not to mention that these Notarios and Attorneys promoting amparos sell them, thus they have a conflict of interest advising people in this matter. Who in the right mind would think it's a good idea to try and use the amparo resource everywhere instead of an RFC?

So, which Expats are required to have an RFC?

It's not defined, however, which Expats would benefit from having an RFC because their life wont be as complicated?

-ALL RESIDENTS 18years and up

I hope our advice makes sense to you.

Source:SAT, DOF.



Also Important:

In order to get an RFC each person has to do it individually, nobody can do it for you. The only thing an accounting service can do for you would be the Pre-registration process. We charge 50usd for this service.

Here is the Law today, our sources



As always, count on Burmeister Consulting for the most accurate up to date information.

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