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Take advantage of the new RFC requirements right away

The Mexican government is on a clear mission to straighten things up!

New RFC requirements have the lines at the SAT offices 3 blocks long.

So, how can you start using these requirements to your advantage?:

Anytime you're doing business with anyone you should ask for their current CONSTANCIA DE SITUACION FISCAL. Specially when renting a property.

(Scrooll down)

It's a document anyone or their accountant can easily download from the SAT website, and it verifies the business or person activities and other general information.

Run from any business that cannot present one.

That's what these reforms are all about.

If you decide to acquire any good, service, rental, or any exchange of money for something make sure you obtain a FACTURA.

Both the CONSTANCIA and the FACTURAS are great tools to avoid scams.

I will continue to upload more information as I see fit.


Gerald Burmeister

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