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How many days of PAID vacation do employees get with the new reform? NOV 2022

Legal employment in México is quickly changing.

Vacations for employees just doubled!

If you are an employee or an employer, here's what you need to know:

YEARS EMPLOYED /# Days paid vacation

1》》》》》》》》》》》 12

2 》》》》》》》》 14

3. 》》》》》》》》 16

4. 》》》》》》》》 18

5. 》》》》》》》》 20

6-10. 》》》》》》 22

11-15. 》》》》》》 24

16-20. 》》》》》》 26

21-25. 》》》》》》 28

26-30. 》》》》》》 30

These are PAID vacation days, of course,

If the employee doesn't take the time off they're entitled to the Pay at the end of the year or upon termination of employment (prorated).

Changes effective 1/1/2023

If you're an employer and would like to save on your payroll obligations, please send a WhatsApp to

We offer a Copyrighted ©️ solution based on the Mexican constitution that allows for exemptions to the employer and better benefits to the employee. Very happy to offer a free comparison to what you currently have.

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