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Buying, Furnishing, Constructing in Mexico? Things you Should know.

Mexico is a land of surprises, both good and bad. While it may seem easy to purchase property or drive across the border without a permit, the lack of proper documentation can lead to costly mistakes when it comes to taxes. For example, if you purchased property without becoming a resident first, you may not have a tax ID (RFC) and therefore not be able to claim deductions on your investments.

Additionally, if you're constructing, enhancing, expanding or furnishing properties without consulting an expert, you may not be able to claim deductions.

The good news is that it's not too late to get back on track. If you're currently in the process of purchasing property, making additions or enhancements, or furnishing your property, it's essential to speak with an expert first. We can help you maximize deductions from the start and advise you on when to pay taxes and request facturas.

Don't let a lack of proper documentation ruin your investment in Mexico. Contact us today to prevent future headaches and make the most of your investment

WHAT IF I'M ALREADY CURRENTLY IN THAT PROCESS, is there something that can be done to get back on track?

Absolutely. Contact me immediately.

I can help you prevent a lot of future headaches, let me make the most of your investment.

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